Award: $2,500​ ​ to (2) Undergraduate Nursing Students per academic semester.

Army Sgt Maj. Robert J. Bowman (​Callsign “HUNTER7”​ ) had been awarded numerous accolades and honors, from commendation medals to valorous decorations for his selfless service and commitment to his soldiers while serving in some of the deadliest years in Iraq.

After returning home from Iraq, Rob Bowman along with over a-third of his platoon had been diagnosed with some form of cancer or rare illness that had been related to their exposures to toxins while in the Middle East. Despite being diagnosed with cancer, SgtMaj. Rob Bowman said to his wife Coleen, “​I would have done what I did all over again even if I knew it would yield the same outcome, I loved leading my soldiers… I loved serving​ ”. On January 13, 2013, Rob Bowman died at age 44 from a rare form of bile duct cancer.

The values, morals and standards of leadership reflected from SgtMaj. Rob Bowman led to the creation of the HunterSeven Foundation in 2018, stemming from a conversation between an undergraduate nursing student and nursing faculty in 2016. That one conversation continues to generate change that echoes nationally through nursing leadership, innovation, and inspiration. As future nurses, you are attracted to service of others. In the right environment we have the capacity to create change that has the potential to echo for decades to come.

Application Requirements​ :

  1. Enrolled as an ​Undergraduate Nursing​ student.
  2. Have a minimum cumulative nursing ​GPA of 3.5​ out of 4.0
  3. Include a copy of most recent ​transcript​ (unofficial)
  4. Include an essay (500-1,000 words) describing a time during your time as an undergraduate nursing student either in the classroom or at clinical where you took initiative to step-up and show leadership. Examples include advocating for your patient, bringing forward a safety concern, creating positive change, etc.

2021 SGM Robert J. Bowman Nursing Leadership Award Scholars

Jordan Badger, Class of 2022

Jordan is currently a first-year senior in the Rhode Island College School of Nursing Program, where she excels academically, proudly earning a 4.0 grade point average. She has a graduate degree in Nutrition and Dietetics and while practicing as a registered dietitian she found her deeply-rooted passion for helping others which in turn led her into nursing. She is looking to continue her preventative practice in nutrition but also work in either an intensive care unit or emergency department. In her spare time she gardens, trains for her next half-marathon and cuddles with her dog, Meeka! Her dedication and advocacy for her patients is what our veterans need making Jordan a HUNTER7 Scholar.

Jacob Hahne, Class of 2022

Jacob came to Rhode Island College after serving as a United States Navy Corpsman for 6 years, attached to 1st Marine Regiment and 1st Light Armored Recon. In 2012, Jacob deployed to Afghanistan where he actively treated the wounded, ill and injured Marines that needed help. Following his combat tour, Jacob was sent to Japan, Thailand and lastly Newport, Rhode Island where he would start his Nursing career after military service. Jacob has an impressive 3.979 grade point average and plans on pursuing a career as a nurse anesthetist employed by the Department of Veterans Affairs where he can continue to support and much needed advocacy for our veterans making Jacob a HUNTER7 Scholar.

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