Our Impact

At the HunterSeven Foundation we strive to create a lasting, positive impact on the veterans and families we serve. Our core ethical values and principles founded on integrity, innovation, social justice, and perseverance guide our daily practice. We make an impact daily through our grassroots awareness campaigns, monthly and annually through our capstone educational programs and internationally-recognized academic publications.

However, our most important impact is on the individuals in which we serve. HunterSeven Foundation provides information to veterans at a heightened risk that empowers them to work with medical providers to identify diseases in the earliest stages, before the onset of signs and symptoms. Additionally, our ‘Immediate Needs‘ impact is measured in the later stages of diagnosis, whether a chronic illness or terminal cancer – ranging from tertiary medical treatments at specialized clinics, cost of care, transportation, medical equipment, hospice care and survivor support.

Immediate Needs

Our most funded program assists with diagnostic imaging, screening and assessments to at-home medical supplies such as portable oxygen. Veterans and their families are often left alone to cover specialized care costs due to delayed wait times, insurance confusion or co-payments; that is where we step in, assist the veteran and their families and allow them to focus on their health and not finances.

Education & Research

Our impact begins on the notation that we need to improve the veteran healthcare process to focus on secondary prevention rather than tertiary (late-stage) care. This requires we review the most current evidence-based medical research in the world and implement change through innovation and quality improvement.

Marketing & Awareness

97% of post-9/11 veterans admit to being present around airborne hazards and toxins while deployed. However, majority of those exposed do not understand the significance or potential risks that carry with these exposures. We aim to assure these warfighters understand their exposures through social media campaigns, written materials and handouts.

Thank you for your hard work.

“Thank you for your hard work and dedication to supporting veterans. Research in the field is critical to getting these veterans the care that they have earned and deserve.”
Brian Mast
18th Congressional District of Florida
U.S. Army Veteran

I extend my sincere appreciation.

Thank you for your tireless devotion to the health of our service members, and your unwavering dedication and empathy for your fellow veterans.
Congressman David Cicilline
1st Congressional District of Rhode Island

Tribe Recognition

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