Knowledge is Power. Information is Liberating.

HunterSeven Foundation believes knowledge is power. Our education program is designed to share meaningful, evidence-based data and research with the veteran and health care communities to increase awareness of military exposures and their impact on veteran health. Understanding your exposures is the first step to wellness. 

Why is education so important?

“Education is the most powerful weapon which you can use to change the world”

Nelson Mandela

This has held true as far as history can recall. Looking at the future, we are wondering how we can set up the future generations for success.

It is easy to blame others for somethings that we don’t know, for things that go against us, or fall out of our reach because we do not know who to turn to and where to look. We understand that, because we (as veterans and healthcare providers) have experienced this same lack of resources and knowledge. Education is the great equalizer.

One of our most frequently asked questions is, “Where can I find more information on my potential exposures?” The answer is on the education page.

Exposure Map

Click on the different regions below to learn more about specific regional exposure risks; while this isn’t an all-inclusive list, it can give you insight into what you may have been exposed to, according to the Department of Defense.

You can also click on the “United States” link, zoom in to your state, and find your local Veterans Affairs Environmental Healthcare Coordinator! We recommend you schedule an appointment to discuss your exposures during service.


INTERACTIVE HEAT MAP: Here, you’ll find information on exposures relating to specific combat operations, countries, and military bases, as well as each specific location’s risk factors and top health complaints, using our interactive Heat Map. The heat map will allow you to select the region your base was located in and will allow you access to Department of Defense Periodic Occupational and Environmental Monitoring documents that are year and base-specific to streamline health concerns and warnings. By doing so, we’ve accessed the most current and applicable information about potential toxic exposures – especially when addressing post-deployment health concerns.

Education is the premise of Progress, in every society.

Download the informational health sheets to learn more about toxic exposure, sleep, hormones, brain injury and more. 

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