Research Program

The HunterSeven Foundation is deeply rooted in education through evidence-based research. The research was the impetus for creating the Foundation. The HunterSeven Foundation began to study exposure-related illnesses and environmental toxins within the post 9/11 veteran community. This initial study uncovered critical information.  After international recognition and publication, the HunterSeven Foundation has grown substantially, assisting dozens of veterans affected while utilizing academically proven research to supplement answers to these concerning questions. 

As a team of licensed providers with advanced degrees, we forged our basis to believe that thorough, legitimate medical research and clinical data highlight this growing population’s reality. Evidence-based research should be the driving force of change in the practice and care of post-9/11 veterans.

With the assistance of grassroots donors and veteran-owned companies such as Black Rifle Coffee and Noveske Rifleworks, the HunterSeven Foundation team is near completion of a similar, longitudinal study on Afghanistan veterans, their exposures and health effects with over 3,000+ veteran participants. The findings of that study are scheduled to be released in the Spring of this year.

Our Research

The HunterSeven Foundation research is multifactorial and focuses on military-related exposures’ impact on health and wellness. The research objective is to discover the root cause of dysfunction and understand the trends that influence this dysfunction. By identifying trends and statistically relevant data, we can create a proactive approach to prevent conditions from worsening with early identification and screening, a capstone in public health and the nursing practice.

  • Our team adheres to the highest ethical standards in medical research. With certifications specific to human and biological studies, privacy and ethics concerns, our team assures safety, security, and privacy of personal and medical information is confidential.

Military and Veteran Healthcare Research

The research conducted by the HunterSeven Foundation is a piece of the larger picture. Many experts and organizations have published studies that are stacked with valuable, scientific data and insight into the veteran healthcare crisis, in terms of utilization, barriers to care, specific conditions and terminal cancers.

We routinely monitor this information and repurpose it as part of our awareness campaign to provide those with the most recent studies. 

Our team has selected some of the ‘must read’ academic manuscripts that we recommend to those interested in learning more about the health of the warfighter community.

(Disclaimer: These are highly medical in nature and may not be of interest to everyone.)

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