Our Approach

Our Immediate Needs Program

The HunterSeven Immediate Needs Program has supported post-9/11 veterans and their families in the following ways:

Proactive Wellness

  • Functional medicine appointments
  • Imaging and laboratory studies
  • Access to specialized programs across the nation

Medical Care

  • inpatient/outpatient care not covered insurance
  • assistive devices
  • at-home oxygen therapies
  • travel expenses for military veterans and family for care

Recovery and Rehabilitation

  • HBOT for brain injuries
  • SGB for mental health
  • respite care for families
  • hormone therapy

HunterSeven Foundation is NOT a medical provider and does not treat or provide medical care to service members or veterans. We are a conduit for information and resources, when other avenues have been exhausted or are unavailable.

We do not make medical diagnosis or write recommendations to individuals requesting Immediate Needs Support.

Each request is unique and we are committed to finding the best resource for those that are in need of support. Our door never closes. Our brothers and sisters are our priority. We have your back.