H7 Tribe

Founded By Veterans, For Veterans

\ ˈtrīb \ a group of persons having a common character, occupation, or interest.

Everyone on the HunterSeven team is a volunteer, helping raise awareness, identify problems, and create solutions for one reason – the TRIBE.

This forum is a platform for conversation and education. Questions will be posted and responded to by members of the medical advisory board and subject matter experts. 

All conversations are moderated by a member of the HunterSeven team. 

HunterSeven is an organization that prides itself on medical accomplishments, expertise, but most importantly, for helping our fellow veterans. 

Members of the H7 Tribe support each other every day. 

In service we push each other, challenge each other to become better, progress, learn,
and we approach this tribal mentality from a position of strength.
The TRIBE mentality works hard to bring a more meaningful purpose to each other’s lives.
The TRIBE makes your voice heard when you aren’t speaking and be present when you aren’t even there. If you change your environment, you change your life. You become the sum of the TRIBE you spend the most time with.

The H7 Tribe

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